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La Numantina

With every step you take in Logroño, you are entering a city full of history and tradition, where the centuries are interwoven in every corner. The narrow streets of the historic quarter whisper stories of the past, while the monuments and squares exude the splendour of a glorious past.

Logroño city entrance

The pilgrim arrives in Logroño coming down from Mount Cantabria, which today offers an exceptional view of the city. The origin of its name, ‘illo-gro-nio’, tells us of this ford in Celtic and Latin terms. Pre-Roman archaeological remains have been preserved on the summit of this mountain, such as circular hearths and handmade pottery that take us back to the 2nd century BC, a historical legacy that links us to the people of the Berones.

The pilgrim information office

The neighbourhood of San Antonio welcomes the pilgrim and leads him towards the Stone Bridge, his eyes fixed on the towers that rise majestically from the northern façade of the old town. But before crossing the bridge, the pilgrim’s curiosity is piqued by the “fielatos“. These old toll houses, built in the 19th century to collect taxes from those who wished to enter the city, have been converted into the Pilgrim’s Information Office.

But beyond its rich history, Logroño is a meeting place where pilgrims of different nationalities and cultures come together in a fraternal embrace. Here, barriers disappear and differences are blurred in the shared experience of walking the same path towards the venerable city of Compostela.

The Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago de Compostela has left an indelible mark on Logroño, a legacy that transcends time and endures in the hospitality of its people. The city has become an oasis of peace, a place where pilgrims can find shelter, comforting food and words of encouragement to continue on their way.

Logroño, with its unique charm, becomes a milestone on the Pilgrim’s Way, a turning point in the pilgrim’s journey. It is here that weary footsteps find rest and thirsty souls find solace. In every corner of this city, the spirit of the Pilgrim’s Way is present, reminding us that the true journey is not only to a physical destination, but also to our inner self.

The pilgrim leaves Logroño with the legacy of the hospitality and generosity of its people. With renewed strength, it continues its journey.


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Where history mixes with gastronomy, the charm of its streets and the warmth of its people. Discover the beauty of this city full of surprises and let yourself fall in love with it.

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